Hey there, I’m Pia! 

I’ve been reading all kinds of blogs for many years now (mostly food or DIY blogs – you can find a list of my favorite blogs here) and they inspired me to go ahead and create my own blog. I am into all kinds of DIY-stuff – whether I spend hours sitting in front of my sewing machine, crocheting, weaving, painting or coming up with new interior designs to make spaces even more comfy with a very personal touch. Besides DIY I enjoy cooking (spoiler alert: I’m a huge bacon fan) and will definitely share some recipes and talk about the one or other book I’ve been reading lately.

I named my blog PiaSuff as I love pointing out all the ‘amazing/great/pretty/unique stuff’ 
to others wherever I am. So that just gets summed up to ‘PiaStuff – all the nice things’ by now.

I’m trying to devote as much time as possible to this blog and usually have several projects already lined up but am running behind with my blog posts – being somewhat of a perfectionist doesn’t always go so well with having limited time due to obligations in the real world, but I hope to be able to have a steady flow of articles for you.

I wish you a lovely stay and hope to see you soon again!