DIY Xmas Wreath

One thing I love about Christmas is definitely the color scheme: red, green, white and cold! This year I decided for the first time to make my own Xmas wreath. It was super easy and looked great – I even preserved it for next year but haven’t decided if I’ll use the old one or will make a new one (the nice smell of the twigs is obviously just something you get with a fresh wreath).

What you need:

- metal ring (gold)
- wire (gold)
- twigs (I used eucalyptus)
- little decorative figures (I used two turtledoves, obviously ;) )

Start off by cutting the twigs apart so you end up with single and shorter twigs. Use the wire to attach the twigs to the metal ring bending the twigs carefully. I used about two pieces of wire (each about 10 cm / 4 in long) per twig. !

Make sure to leave out a small 5 cm / 2 in part which you will use later to hang the wreath. Once your metal ring is nice and evenly covered add your decorative figures. Finally, attach a piece of the string to the 5 cm / 2 in gap and hang it on your door. I actually prefer to hang it inside the apartment on a door or wall as otherwise you won’t see or smell your lovely wreath. And that’s it

I’m already in the mood for Christmas – what about you?

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