Mood Board Love – Easy DIY

At the moment you can find mood boards everywhere and I have to admit I’m also a big fan. I really love my little lightbox and how easy you can send cute messages or set the atmosphere using it.

Many cafes use mood boards to show their menu and special offers which I think is a cute idea. Thus I decided: I need one in the kitchen as well! Just as a fun element, to bring different vibes to the kitchen e.g. according to the seasons and to keep visitors busy while preparing dinner or doing the dishes. 

However, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it so I decided to DIY my very own mood board. It’s super easy and doesn’t take up too much time. 

You need:

  • String or bakers twin in whatever color you want – I went for a natural look 
  • Metal clips
  • Wire (matching color to the clips)
  • Letters – I used the letters of my little lightbox which you can also buy separate from the lightbox but you can use any kind of letters you want
I started with bending the wire to form small hooks which I attached to the metal clips. 


I knew I wanted my mood board to have three rows of letters. I started with the lowest one. To figure out where to place the string I grab one metal clip incl. hook and attached one letter to it to see how much space one letter would take up. Using my example clip I decided where to place my first string using two tiny nails. Then I repeated the process to find out where to place my second and third string.

After all the strings were attached to the wall I only had to decided what I wanted my mood board to say – and done!!


This was such a fun and easy DIY project and I love the twist it gives to the kitchen – and all my visitors love it as well :) So what are you waiting for?

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