Personalize your doormat – easy peasy DIY

Most doormats are kinda boring. And the cute ones are usually way too expensive. As really wanted a welcoming doormat though I decided to DIY one – it’s a pretty easy peasy DIY which doesn’t take up a lot of time.

You need:
- Acrylic paint (I used black)
- Big round brush
- Plain doormat


First of all you should think about what you want your doormat to say. I like the phrase ‘oh, hello’ so my decision was made pretty fast. I also knew right away that I wanted to use an italic font. I used a sharpie to draft the phrase on the doormat and afterwards traced it with my brush. If you want to use a very specific font you can also print and cut out your phase and then stencil it on the doormat.


I really love the outcome and am happy that future visitor will be greeted by it. 


What do you think?

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