Easy DIY homemade wall art

Have you recently seen all the new creative diy wall art and wall hanging on pinterest and instagram? Oh boy, I didn’t only see them, but I fell in love with them and I knew immediately: I want to try this out! 

There is kinda of an awkward wall in the living where it’s difficult to put something up as there are heating pipes on the wall and it’s set between two windows and thus kind of narrow. One of those wall hanging would be perfect for it though :) So I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it but ran to the next craft store and bought everything to get started right away.

You need:
- 2 wooden hoopsà I got on small and one large one
- About 3 balls of wool / yarn
- Scissors

I decided to go with colors which are already present in the living room – grey and dark bluish green (matching the dining nook) and picked wool which was bit thicker and fluffier.


I started with the large wooden hoop and wrapped some wool around it to get an idea of how long I want the wall hanging to be. I started cutting the wool twice as long as I wanted it to hang, about 40 inch in total length. Once you have cut a bunch of wool strings you can start attaching it to the hoop: Fold the middle section of the wool over the hoop and pass the ends through (this is called a larkshead knot) and then repeat over and over. Carry out the same steps on the small hoop. I stopped once in a while to see how many more strings I want to add (and even after hanging the wall art you can still add some strings if you feel there is something missing :) ). 


Once I reached the amount of wool string I wanted my favorite part started: trimming the wool – it’s just like giving your wall hanging a hair cut! I decided to cut some small edges into the string from the big hoop and give the small loop a pointy look. Afterwards I attached the small hoop to the large hoop and hung it on the wall.


I’m so happy with the outcome and it’s such an easy but pretty DIY with a great effect – all guests have asked about it and are amazed by its simple beauty.

What do you think?

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