How to make a star / ornament out of paper bags -- easy DIY

I love honeycomb balls, tissues poms and paper lanterns – basically anything fragile made out of paper which can be hung from the ceiling catches my eye! This project did raise some discussions at home whether it’s a specific Christmas-DIY or not. My take on this is that it is an all year round decor – yes it can definitely be used during Christmas time but in my opinion it isn’t bound to the holidays at all!

To make these lovely stars / ornaments (or better: lovely addition to your home decor :) ), you only need 3 things:
  • paper lunch bags (you can use brown bags, white ones or any pattern of find and like),
  • scissors,
  • glue

For each star you need about 7-8 bags depending on the size of your bags and if you want the ornament to be more narrow or wide. I used 8 paper bags for my star.

1. Start with placing one bag in front of you (the bottom of the bag should point towards you, the opening of the bag away from you). Now fold the bag in half lengthwise and then crosswise. Afterwards fold the upper half of the bag diagonally so that a point forms in the middle. Set the bag aside for later.

2. Glue the other 7 bags on top of each other à place one bag in front of you, again the bottom of the bag should point towards you, the opening of the bag away from you. Spread glue on the bottom of the bag and along the middle of the bag (like an upside-down T)

3. Once all 7 bags are glued together grab the folded bag from step 1 and glue it on top.

4. Now cut along the folded diagonals.

  • (OPTIONAL: if you want your star to have a pattern cut out a small triangle on the lower half of each side of the bag)

5. Add glue to the star on top and then fan out the rest of the star in order to connect the bottom and the top bag.

Attached some string to the star – and you are DONE :)

As said before I love these stars and to me they are just as additional home decor season unrelated. What do you think

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