'Tis The Season To Be Jolly -- Advent Time

I love the advent time and the spirit it brings. It’s like a slow and joyful countdown to Christmas. For me this is a time to calm down, enjoy, reflect on the past year and get into holiday mood; it’s a time I want to share with people I love, with friends and family.

This year the first Advent Sunday is already the upcoming Sunday (a bit early for my taste...). I like the tradition of lighting a candle each Sunday before Christmas, drinking your tea, eating some cookies and being cozy.

On a past trip to Scandinavia I stumbled across these Advent lights. In general I really love Scandinavian design and fell in love with these four little lights immediately. And it’s a huge plus that these are reusable endlessly :) 


As the colors white, red and green are typical Christmas colors I decided to incorporate them in my Advent decoration.


I chose four small white candles and got some faux wreath made of green leaves and red fruits. I took the wreath apart and used small pieces of it to decorate the little lights. Always making sure nothing is too close to the actual flame.



It’s a super simple and easy decoration but I absolutely love it! What do you think?

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