How to hang up pictures - simple but perfect

You know the feeling of having too many white walls? That’s exactly how I felt with the huuuuge white space above the couch. The more time passed the more it bothered me. So I started looking for nice pictures and posters. I didn’t really know what I was aiming for at the beginning, usually I just know what I don’t want which is a starting point as well :)

So I started looking at a lot of pictures online e.g. at Pinterest or other websites to get some inspiration. In the end I decided on three lovely prints I found on Juniqe I absolutely love the style of their art designs and that they offer each poster in various sizes.

I decided to get one large print and two small ones which were half the size of the large one. In my mind I already decided how to hang them up. I knew I wanted to get frames including white passe-partout as I felt they would highlight the prints really well. The big surprise came when I went frame shopping at Ikea and my wall design was destroyed as I hadn’t taken into account the size of the frame and the space between the frames. Suddenly I didn’t know anymore how to arrange the posters best.

Usually each frame has an inlay white or gray paper which has the same size as the frame. In order to find out how to hang up the frames the best I used washi tape and the inlay of the frame to simulate the arrangement. I ended up with three different approaches and finally settled for one. Using this method really help me to see how things would actually look rather than just trying to picture it in my mind. You can step back, look at it from different angles and look at it for several days before deciding. 


The actual process of hanging the frames up was super easy as well – I just hammered the nails directly through the inlay and ripped it off afterwards. Thus I made sure I got exactly the wall design I wanted.


I love the outcome – what about you?

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