Lovely homemade summer shirts using an easy pattern from 'la droguerie'

Summer just hit us, so every day I look at my closet and think “What can I wear today? What is light, but comfy, looks nice and is appropriate for work”… Suddenly I remembered that I bought a very cute shirt pattern from la droguerie while visiting France some time ago! They have such lovely little craft and fabric stores with great patterns and lovely colors.

So I started looking for the pattern (which inspired me to re-do my diy-nook which I’ll hopefully share soon :) ). I made these two lovely summer shirts – it was really easy and fast and I just had a great time. It was the first bigger project I did with my new sewing machine the Brother Innov-Is '27  – I’m really happy with it and it sews sooo much smoother than my old machine. 

I hadn’t realized how much I missed sewing – all the tiny and precise steps and you just need to focus on what you’re doing, no room for other thoughts kinda like meditating. I turned up the music, opened my window, let the sun in and just sewed it away :)


I first sewed the blue one and then made some small adjustments for the pink one – it’s a bit longer and slimmer. I used really thin fabric and just love the color combination of the fabric and the bias binding.  What do you think?

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