Perfect Summer Drink: Lillet Berry

Sometime ago a friend of mine introduced me to the drink “Lillet Berry“ and I just loved it immediately! So besides Moscow Mule this is one of my favorite drinks and it is so easy to make – always a big plus :)

In the end you only need two ingredients: Lillet Blanc and Schweppes Russian Wild Berry.

Everything else is just a nice-to-have or decoration such as ice cubes (well you definitely need those if the drinks haven’t been cooled beforehand), as well as some fresh mint or fresh/frozen summer berries.


All you need to do is pour some Lillet Blanc in a nice glass and fill it up with double the amount of Schweppes Russian Wild Berry. Then add some ice cubes and/or frozen/fresh berries and/or fresh mint et voilá the drink can be served – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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