New DIY or How to Highlight Small Things

When I saw those little reindeer skulls I just knew I wanted to have them. I’m usually not the skull-decoration kind of person but these somehow fascinated me….I really love their color especially (and obviously) the copper one. And they are handmade and fair-trade which is just a huge extra plus!


As I try not to spend too much money on decoration and other items I often set myself a goal and when I fulfill it I treat myself with something as a reward. And those little reindeer skulls just seemed like a perfect reward hahaha

Anyway, I felt like they needed to be placed on a colorful background in order to really shine to their full potential. As you might remember I painted my dining nook in a deep blue color. Originally I was planning to hang them there but then instead I decided on some copper polka dots. I tried adding them to the polka dots but it just didn’t work.

In the end I decided to place them on a piece of wood which I would color before and hang them in the hallway across of my San Francisco map.

I started with figuring out the right size of background I need: I spread out the three sculls and once I was happy with the arrangement I measured the space needed. In a hardware store I bought a thin piece of wood as I did for my San Franciscomap DIY.

Then I sanded the wood down so it would absorb the color better. I still had some color left from painting the dining nook so despite the fact that it was wall paint I used it on the piece of wood and it worked out fine.



Afterwards I used some Tesa Power Strips (I love power strips :D ) to attach the reindeers to the piece of wood. I still had some spiked left from the San Francisco map DIY so I used them to attach the piece of wood to the wall.


I totally love the result – although the reindeer skulls are quite small they really stand out in front of the deep blue color. Would you hang this up?

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