Meet my new bff aka my new sewing machine

Great news: I finally bought a new sewing machine and I just can’t stop smiling! So let me introduce you to my new bff ;)

I’m a self-taught sewer and my first sewing machine was a basic beginners machine. As I didn’t know whether I would actually use it a lot or if I actually liked sewing I didn’t wanted to spend so much money on my first machine. And I actually hardly used it for the first year. Then motivated by a lovely friend of mine I really got into sewing and soon realized that my machine had its limits especially when it came to tricky stuff. Sometimes I got really impatient with it but I continued using it for another two years always telling myself that ‘soon’ I would buy a new one. At some point I believed that ‘soon’ had finally arrived and I passed my sewing machine on.

However, it took me about five months to actually buy a new one…and finally last week I did :D I had a rough idea which features I wanted and I kinda knew how much I wanted to spend. In the end I really love sewing and the process of producing my own stuff but it still is a hobby and thus I wasn’t willing to spend a fortune.


I decided to buy the machine at a local retailer as I wanted to try out the different options and have a place to turn to incase the sewing machine needs to get fixed. In the end I settled for this lovely sewing machine by ‘brother’ the Brother Innov-is '27 (I think the pink kinda got me hahaha) and I couldn’t be happy with my choice – so hopefully there’ll be more sewing blogposts from now on!

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