Re-using old China as Plant Holders – easy DIY

A few years ago I inherited a whole set of China from my grandma. I would say it has the typical look of older China – it has a cute flower design and the edge of each plate has a special texture to it. I really like it and actually use it every day (I have to admit I even stack it in the dishwasher and so far nothing bad has happened…). It’s a huge China set though with all kinds of big serving plates and bowels which I never use – such a pity. So I thought about ways how to actually re-use these elements.

The China set also has two gravy boats which I never use – I don’t think they are really convenient as they are attached to a small plate and feels kinda clumsy to me. 


However, I love having all kinds of fresh herbs in the kitchen e.g. fresh basil is a must! And as I’m not using the gravy boats I thought ‘why not use it as a plant holder and stick my basil in it’. So that’s exactly what I did :) My basil was a bit too big so I had to take a way quite some of its original soil. 


I love the finished project!! I’m not feeling guilty anymore about having all this unused China and my herbs are all displayed nicely and unique. What do you think?

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