New DIY: Up-cycling an old T-Shirt

When it comes to t-shirts I somehow have two phases that kinda take turns – the plain-shirt phase and the printed-shirt phase. So instead of switching my wardrobe every now and then I decided to turn my plain shirts into printed ones myself! Such a fun and easy DIY.

As at the moment I’m into geometric shapes I decided to give it a try.

What I used:

  • old white t-shirt
  • thin duct tape
  • turquoise fabric paint
  • white fabric paint

First I ironed the shirt and spread it out flat. Then I used duct tape to outline a geometric pattern – I started with two long stripes of duct tape and then added smaller pieces in-between one after the other, always forming a triangle. Once in awhile I stepped back to have a look at the whole pattern. 

As soon as I was satisfied with pattern I started coloring the triangles. I divided the pattern into three parts – I colored one of them with the original turquoise fabric paint. For the other two parts I mixed the turquoise fabric paint with different amounts of the white fabric paint. I ended up with a turquoise ombre look :) I used a small sponage to fill out the pattern as I liked the structur this technique added to the pattern. Afterwards I let the fabric paint dry completely before removing the duct tape. Then I ironed the shirt again to make the colors last (check the instruction on your fabric paint).

I really love how the shirt turned out. What do you think?

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