Re-Doing the Dining Nook Budget Friendly

My latest project is re-doing the dining nook. I had so many ideas in mind about how to decorate it but some things were set in stone from the beginning: I inherited some cute furniture from my grandma and I wanted to include it for sure. It’s a small antique bench. I just always loved the idea of having some kind of comfy piece of furniture at the dining table – some friends of mine actually use a mix of chairs and a couch :) Another thing I was sure of was that I wanted to paint the walls of the dining area dark blue – I’ve dreamt about this for quite a while. So I painted the walls, set up my grandma’s bench and got a nice wooden table and wooden chairs. But somehow it didn’t feel right… 


I knew the wood would darken over time and I do love the light color of pine but it just didn’t feel right. I thought about getting a nice rug maybe but re-doing the dining nook was a low-budget-project and most larger rugs are quite expensive. Then it just hit me: why not just paint the table and chairs with a dark glaze? 
It bought an eco-friendly wood stain and tried it out on the bottom of one of the chairs. And I loved it. I painted both chairs and the table in less than two hours! 


The darker table and chairs match so much better with my grandma’s bench and look really nice in front of the dark blue wall. I couldn’t be happier and the whole project was totally budget friendly! I’ll just give you a sneak peek of the dining nook at the moment as I’m not totally done yet, so there is more to come  can’t wait to share it :)

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