How to hang up a poster nicely and make it last forever – easy peasy DIY

You probably have experienced this: you buy a nice poster, you are super happy, you hang it up either using either tape or pins. Then you decide it might look better in a different spot, a different room or you wanna store it. While removing the tape or pin you accidently rip the paper and the once so nice and shiny poster looks worn off. At least that’s what I experience before. So I decided to come up with a different way of hanging up and preserving my beloved posters by gluing them carefully on a thin piece of wood.

What you need:
  • Nice poster :)
  • Thin piece of (compressed) wood in the size of the poster
  • Spray-on glue
  • Spatula
  • Spikes for hanging (optional)

After I measured the size of my poster I went to a hardware store and checked out all the wood options. I decided to go with a 3 mm thick board made out of compressed wood and had it cut into the right size at the store. I also bought all the other equipment needed at the hardware store. I decided to use spray-on glue as any kind of liquid glue (at least in my experience) will leave some air bubbles and the poster will be bumpy after the glue dried. Be sure to use the spray-on glue in a room with good air circulation or outside.

I started with spraying glue on the first 10 cm of the board and placing the poster on it precisely. Then I used the spatula to slowly smoothen down the poster. My spatula is covered in felt on one side which allows for it to slide super easy over the poster while protecting the paper. And then I continued this process until the whole poster was fixed on the board. Be sure to use a bit more glue on all the edges!


I totally love how the project turned out and I’m sure this poster will stick around for a while! Once I found the perfect spot I will use these spikes (a mix of a nail and a hook) to hang the poster up – I’ll hammer them in the wall and slide the poster between them (kinda like mirrors are often fixed to walls).

I’m so excited :) Have fun “preserving” your favorite posters!

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