Better than Nutella – Toffifee-Butter!

A friend of mine gave me a small jar of Toffifee-Butter and I just fell in love with it! I’m usually not the Nutella-type of person but more the honey-and-jam-kinda-girl. But this Toffifee-Butter just made me feel like I’m in heaven. I had to tryout the recipe immediately, it’s super easy and not time consuming at all – what a perfect combination. It’s really good on toasted bread, I personally love it on top of salty butter. But it’s also super yummy without any bread just spoon it right out of the jar....

You need:
  • 15 Toffifee (= 1 pack)
  • 40g Butter
  • 40ml Cream

1. Start with chopping up all the Toffifee – you either need a really sharp knife as each Toffifee has a nut inside or you can use a strong blender.
2. Mix the butter and the cream and heat the mixture.
3. Slowly add the chopped Toffifee.

4. Keep stirring the mixture while the Toffifee melt.
5. Once everything is melted carefully pour the hot mixture into a big or several small jars.
6. Optional: you can also preserve the Toffifee butter in the same way you would preserve jam to make it last longer – as usually it doesn’t last long, I always skip this step ;)


It’s perfect as a small gift or you can just eat it all by yourself – enjoy!

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