How to Make a Little Basket using Plastic Snaps

This is one of the fastest and easiest little projects I know – so it’s perfect as an end of the year project! I made several for myself in various sizes and used larger ones to store fruit and smaller ones for jewelry. They are also perfect as Easter baskets or last minute presents.
In the end this is a project you don’t necessarily need a sewing machine for. However, you can add some nice details and customize the design with a sewing machine.

What you need:
  •     Felt
  •     Plastic Snaps e.g. Kam Snaps
  •     Yarn
  •     Sewing Machine

Start with cutting the felt into a square e.g. 25cm x 25 cm. Afterwards cut 5cm into each corner as shown on the picture – you might want to mark both diagonals on the square to cut the corners more precisely.


Once you cut the corners you can use a sewing machine to add some colorful stitches to the felt. I decided to sew along the edge of each side and along the cut of the corners.


Afterwards all you have to do is add the plastic snaps to each corner. Watch out to always add the matching pieces of snaps as it is really difficult to fix a mistake.


I decided to use neon green yarn and neon green snap as I like the combination of bright colors and grey (the same combination I used for the homemade advent calendar)! There are endless color combinations :)


Have fun sewing and happy new year!!!

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