Handmade Pillow Covers – Envelope Covers

For quite some time I have been wanting to have my own apartment. In my head I already picked out all the furniture and decorated the rooms and spend way too many lunch breaks checking out furniture online and choosing colors. Small things vary from time to time but the overall design never changed. Some time ago I randomly passed by a cute little fabric store. It was like a dream come true. I immediately spotted two fabrics which I needed to buy and knew right away that they would be perfect as pillow covers on the couch I don’t own in the apartment I don’t have.


So the other day I set down and sewed two super easy peasy pillow covers. I decided to go with a traditional envelope closure.

What you need:
  •      Pillow inlay
  •       Fabric and matching yarn
  •       Scissors
  •       Pins
  •       Sewing machine

Before you start any project you should wash and iron your fabric – nothing is worse than sewing a nice piece and after you wash it for the first time it shrinks or loses its shape.

The pillow inlays I got are 40 cm x 40 cm so the piece of fabric needs to be 42 cm x 95 cm (incl. hem). I added about one third of the length of the pillow which I'll use as the overlap (see figure below).


Start with hamming both of the short edges 1cm. 


Once that is done you need a bit space to fold your cover correctly. While folding keep the pillow size you want to reach in the end in mind. 
Place the fabric in front of you with the right side (the pretty side) facing towards you. Grab the left side of the fabric and fold it over 20 cm (#1 in the figure below). Be sure to work precise and accurate. Once you got the 20 cm fold-over, pin it down.
Now take the right side of the fabric and fold it over 33 cm (#2 in the figure below). Once you got the 33 cm fold-over, pin it down. The two pieces of fabric should overlap by 13 cm*. You now have a rectangle with the size of 40 cm x 40 cm in front of you. All that is left to do is to sew each side and voilà your pillow cover is done :)

*Obviously you can also have less fabric overlapping than 13 cm. However, especially if you have a fluffier pillow inlay it sometimes won’t close properly and the inlay sticks out.


Once you get the tricky part of folding it correctly the pillow cover is sewed super fast. Now I just need to get that couch ;)


Have fun sewing!

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