Crocheting a Beanie

As it’s getting colder outside a beanie is a must to keep you warm and comfy. Crocheting a beanie is super easy and fun and doesn’t take too long.

When making the beanie yourself you have a great choice of colors to pick from – I ended up getting mustard yellow, light grey, brown-red, brown-grey and pink :) Before choosing the colors though you should do the ‘rub & itch’ test – rub the wool on my skin and if it’s itchy it’s a ‘Thank you, but not thank you’ and continue looking for softer one.

If you’re a newbie to crocheting don’t worry – it is super easy and there are tons of YouTube videos that show all the different stitches; you might wanna stick to one color though until you have a bit more practice.

I used a crochet hook size 7 as my wool was pretty thick. These are stitches you need to know:
  • Chain (Ch)
  • Slip stitch (Sp St)
  • Single crochet (Sc)
  • Half double crochet (Hdc)
  • Magic circle (Mc) (optional)

So let’s get started:

Step 1: 4 Ch, close with Sp St to a circle
Step 1 alternative: 4 Sc in Mc

Step 2: 11 Hdc in the circle

Step 3: double the number of stitches by adding two Hdc in each previous one (in total 22 Hdc)

Step 4: continue with Hdc, double every second stitch (in total 33 stitches)

Step 5: continue with Hdc, double every third stitch (in total 44 stitches)

Step 6: continue with Hdc, double every seventh stitch (in total 50 stitches)*

Step 7 – 18: continue with Hdc (each round 50 stitches)**

*When you reached step 6, please check whether 50 stitches are big enough for your head otherwise continue adding stitches till it fits.
**In general the number of stitches needed might vary with the thickness of your wool and size of the crochet hook.

If you are using different colors you need to close each round with a Sp St and start the new round with a Ch in the Sp St with the next color. 

As you can see I made two beanies and I totally love them. For one of them I added a piece of fabric to make it winter proof. You can also add a pom-pom or customize it with a badge or some beads.


Have fun crocheting!

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