Homemade Necklace – Perfect Gift for Yourself (or Others)

I started making jewelry when I was about ten years old – it was the beginning of my DIY passion. In the last years my drive to make jewelry cooled down somewhat but I still have all the supplies and tons of beads & pearls! The other day, however, I went into a pearls boutique and my eye immediately fell on special clasp (see picture below). So I couldn’t resist but bought two pairs and obviously some new beads – somehow the ones you already have at home never quite fit for the next project so you just start hoarding them like a hamster.

To make this necklace I used:

- Small coral beads
- Jewelry wire (50 cm)
- A special clasp
- Jewelry pliers


I decided to use wire with this special clasp as it gives the necklace a naturally round shape so it sits perfectly on your neckline.


First, I attached one of the clasps to the wire. I tried out different ways of arranging the beads until I found a pattern I liked. While stringing the beads I stopped once in awhile to check how long the necklace is. After I reached the length I wanted (make sure to consider the length of the clasp as well!) I attached the other part of the clasp. 

And this is how it turned out – I love it! And as you can see this special clasp also works great for highlighting a unique pearl. Enjoy!

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