Homemade Advent Calendar

A few days ago it snowed for the first time and bam: the holiday spirit kicked in. I really enjoy the holiday season  – everything sparkles, smells good and you just feel a bit like a kid again. Growing up an advent calendar was a must! So when I saw this neat advent calendar by Pattydoo I just knew I had to make it. I especially love that you can actually use it all year round as a catch-all and just transform it into an advent calendar when the holiday season starts.


You can download the instructions for free on Pattydoo’s website – it includes a template of all the little pockets as well as a plan how to arrange them and there a video which shows the whole process. Sewing it was a bit tricky as my sewing machine had some problems with the thickness of the material but after sewing the first few pockets I figured out how to get my sewing machine to sew them properly. I chose a bright green yarn as I liked the contrast to the grey felt. 


When it comes to advent calendars there are obviously endless ideas how to fill it. I would say that traditionally you fill it with candy, tiny presents or you break up a bigger present into many small packages.


There are still a few days left till the holiday countdown starts – just enough time to make this advent calendar :)

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